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Weigh Tape


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Your Weigh Tape allows you to estimate the weight of your horse or pony either by using a simple length measurement or by using a formula to calculate your horse's weight. Use the Horse side of the tape for those animals 14.2 hands high or taller or the Pony side of the tape for those shorter than 14.2 hands. Position the Weigh Tape around your horse. The Weigh Tape should lie obliquely from just behind his elbows to over the lowest point of his withers. Lightly tighten the Weigh Tape around the horse and read the weight from where the green, free end of the Weigh Tape finishes. To use the formula: Place the Weigh Tape around the horse's girth and note the length in centimeters. Then measure the length from the point of shoulder to the point of the buttock keeping the Weigh Tape against the contour of the horse's side. 


The horse's weight is calculated using the following formula;


Weight (Kg) = (Girth Length 2 x Length) / 11,877 


Regular use of the Weigh Tape will help you keep your horse or pony at the correct weight and alert you if his weight begins to creep up.




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